Río San Juan y archipiélago de Solentiname

By Selim Rodríguez López, Bobo Adventures  


Get to know a little about this fascinating region in Nicaragua.

Natural beauty, rich culture and friendly, open people welcome you to the Islands of Art, as the Soletiname archipelago is known. The artistic spirit begain in the 1960s with Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardinal, and writers like Gabriel García Márquez and Julio Cortázar have visited the island. Here too is where Carlos Mejía Godoy and the Palacaguina wrote their famous song of a Nicaraguan mass. Today you will find artisans, sculptors, primitivist painters and poets, indigenous cemeteries and petroglyphs.

In my continous expeditions through the Solentiname archipielago, San Carlos Nicaragua, Boca de Sábalos, among others, I met extraordinary people such as: Daniel y Doña Maria Guevara (Celentiname Lodge), Juan Carlos Callejas (Restaurante el Granadino).

Anglers can catch bull sharks, saw fish and guapote in Lake Nicaragua. On the San Juan River, fishermen will find tarpon, snook, mojarra and langostino.

You can also visit the old port at San Carlos, with its boardwalk, fort, and more. After walking the streets here you’ll better understand the local people’s customs and authenticity. Don’t miss the local cuisine. Hotel Sabalos Lodge (Yaro Choiseul-Praslin), is located 42 kilometers from where the San Juan begins. This nature-based hotel also offers visits to the Castle of Immaculate Conception, nature reserves, sport fishing and more.

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